ALLNET ALL168255 / 500Mbit HomePlugAV Passthrough

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500Mbit/s Bandbreite, Plug and Play Installation

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ALLNET ALL168255 / 500Mbit MINI HomePlug AV Powerline Adapter with Passtrough power outlet Highlights: 500Mbit / s bandwidth Plug and Play installation 128 bit AES encryption Socket with integrated mains filter The ALLNET ALL168255 HomePlugAV passthrough Powerline Adapter with 500Mbit / s bandwidth enables a very simple way the networking of computers and other IP-enabled devices via the existing household power supply (230V). Compared to its predecessor ALL168555 he has shrunk significantly in size. The additionally integrated into the housing of ALL168255 mains outlet, the wall outlet in the ALL168255 is plugged, blocked for other electrical appliances. The built-in filter reduces this possibly present harmful interference generated by other electrical appliances, to a minimum. This leads to a significantly improved signal quality and increased bandwidth and range over powerline adapters without Filter. With up to 500Mbit / s bandwidth of ALL168255 for all modern applications such as IPTV, HD video streaming, VoIP, Video Surveillance, and more is prepared. The true plug / play installation ensures easy handling. Just plug and the connection is established. For secure connections, the 128 bit AES encryption ensures. The extremely low power consumption of less than 2 watts in operation and less than 0.5 watts in standby the ALLNET met ALL168255 requirements of a modern Green IT product.

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