Ubiquiti airMAX Titanium Sektorantenne AM-V2G-Ti / AM-V5G-Ti / AM-M-V5G-Ti

Artikelnummer: AM-Ti

Erweiterte Isolation, Einstellbare Strahlbreite, Robustes Design

Kategorie: Sektor Antennen


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Advanced Carrier-Class PtMP Basestation Antenna

Introducing the airMAX Titanium Sector, which continues the evolution of Ubiquiti?s best-in-class sector antennas. Advanced RF isolation and variable beamwidth configuration put the Titanium Sector at the forefront of sector antenna technology.

Reduced Co-Location Interference

Drawing on Ubiquiti?s depth of electrical and mechanical engineering expertise, Ubiquiti has developed the airMAX Titanium Sector to be highly resistant to noise interference in co-location deployments. Adjustable Beamwidth Configuration Having adjustable beamwidth options enhances scalability and streamlines inventory.
The airMAX Titanium Sector may be custom configured for any deployment requiring a 60°, 90°, or 120° sector. Antenna gain changes according to the configured beamwidth.

Model 60° 90° 120°
AM-V2G-Ti 17dBi 16dBi 15dBi
AM-V5G-Ti 21dBi 20dBi 19dBi
AM-M-V5G-Ti 17dBi 16dBi 15dBi

Increased Performance

The airMAX Titanium Sector was specifically engineered for optimal performance when paired with a Rocket?M Titanium.
? 20% increase in performance with PtMP networks
? Up to 90% performance improvement in a co-location environment
? Increased durability in harsh weather

Antennengewinn: 16dBi 17dBi 20dBi 19dBi 15dBi 21dBi
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Installations Art: stationäre
RF Stecker Typ: R-SMA Anschluss
Drahtlos ISM Frequenzband: 2.4 Ghz 5 Ghz
Versandgewicht: 4,30 Kg

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Kurzanleitung Ubiquiti AM-V2G-Ti

Kurzanleitung Ubiquiti airMAX Sector AM-M-V5G-Ti

Kurzanleitung Ubiquiti airMAX Sector AM-M-V5G-Ti